About us

Jayrcm is one of the No. 1 Business educational platform. Jayrcm is based on Business, Rcm Business, Business Theory and Business Ideas Creation. Jayrcm create a successful ecosystem for every Indian people can change life and serve the nation’s earnings at pick point.

Jayrcm as you may well understand from the name, it is an education tool built above the Rcm business which is an education medium for those direct sellers working around the near city, state, India and world.

History of Jayrcm

It is a matter of time when there was no way to give any online education related to Rcm Business. At that time, someone had to start. So, we realized that let’s start first and try to give online education to people so that many people can join us day by day and solve their problems.

After that the journey started, at that time, there was a lot of trouble and about Two YouTube channels were closed at that time. Due to which we had to face a big problem. But we did not give up and tried hard on the path of unrest, we had to take a lot of hard work.

The time had come to start a new beginning. Then Mr. Bapon Das opened a new Jayrcm channel. On which hard work was done. Jayrcm channel started on 14 April 2018. We thought that why not make Jayrcm a big brand and work hard on it and convert it into a meaningful brand.

The slow channel continued to grow, as we were above the quality. Mr. Bapon was also in interest quality. We had a problem that we had to solve and today the channel is the first perfect channel in the history of Rcm Business.

While watching Jayrcm on YouTube, many people got inspired by this and they started opening their own channel, in which people believe it or not, but the right motive was that people It was inspiring to say that Jayrcm channel that provides a proper direction and proper information across India.

Why does need Jayrcm

Jayrcm is an innovative way to learn every people about Rcm Business. Videos which will Inspire and Entertain you on Rcm Business, Motivation, News, Positive Thinking, Career, Self Help, Goals etc. Stay Connected with our channel for the latest Hindi Rcm Business Videos.

Jayrcm keep uploading Rcm Business videos in Hindi for Success in any Business. Our videos include topics like Nutricharge, Business Ideas, Rcm Offers, Good Dot, Health Guard, Direct Seller tools, Leader Tools, World Motivational Hindi Speech, Positive Thinking Videos and Personality Development Training Videos and as well as Rcm News.

Jayrcm research and understanding in direct selling industry has put many organisations on a path of growth and fulfilment. We are also soon inviting Role Models from Business careers, Online Tools, Education etc.

Jayrcm gives many tools that will help you a lot in doing Rcm Business and you will continue on the path of day-to-day progress in Rcm Business. Jai Ashram contributes you to fight all the problems that support. With the help of interruptions, you can progress in your business.


Jayrcm has some important facilities or services for the people, with the help of which people can easily do Rcm Business without any help. Jayrcm offers services like Rcm Team App, Jayrcm App, Jayrcm YouTube Channel, Rcm Song App, Jayrcm Website etc.

Rcm Team App : This app helps you to manage your business from scratch. You can manage your business digitally. Now rcm business every step is more easy. You can manage your Upline, Downline, Buyer purchase record, Meetings, Seminar, Find associate buyer, Find rcm puc, Any downloadable content, Videos, Rcm product price list, Rcm commission calculator and more.

Jayrcm App : Jayrcm is an Rcm Business Educational App. Jayrcm App allows a user to learn everything about Rcm Business, Rcm Business Products, Nutricharge, Good Dot, Direct Seller tools and everything knowledge. It Provides practical knowledge of the different business strategies and different business framework. This app provides the high-quality content in Hindi, English and Bengali languages for India’s every business hold person.

Rcm Calculator App : Rcm Commission Calculator Provides simple and advanced mathematical functions in a beautifully designed app. Rcm Commission Calculator is an app full salutation to calculate your Rcm Business performance Bonus income.

Rcm Song App : Rcm Song App is inspired by to everyone for unique style of music, which is reminiscent of the sounds of space knowledge like Sh. Trilok Chand Chhabra and other motivation Music Artist.

Jayrcm Website : Jayrcm website provide many useful contents in especially Hindi language for their audience. Jayrcm is India’s most affordable Rcm Business education learning Website. Jayrcm’s brand new launched in November 2019. Jayrcm website is a faster and lighter to ensure the smoothest reading experience.

Jayrcm YouTube Channel : Videos which will Inspire and Entertain you on Rcm Business, Motivation, News, Positive Thinking, Career, Self Help, Goals etc. Stay Connected with our channel for the latest Hindi Rcm Business Videos.

We hope you enjoy Jayrcm products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.