Rcm Id mobile number change process

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Hello everyone today we discuss how to change rcm id link mobile number in simple steps. Currently we have 2 mobile number changing process 1. Sms based process 2.Physical Post base process. In this article we discourse both option.

Why need to change rcm id mobile number

To be hones if your id is not lined with your real number you got lot of trouble in in future. Lets discourse which benefits you got if your mobile number connect properly 

  • If you not use your rcm id more then 6 month then your rcm id will terminated in future if you want to activated your id then in you will connect with your rcm id and mobile number then your rcm id will not activated 
  • Incase you forgot your password you are not able to recover your password 
  • When you purchase anything from rcm puc you will not get any confirmation message form rcm company 
  • If you want to deduct your commission in rcm puc this work will note done 

I think there are lot of disadvantage if your mobile number not connect with rcm so let’s look how to we change rcm id mobile number in very smart way.

Sms based option

Dear user this is a very simple step and you can easily change your mobile number within a second but this process comes with some limitation like like – If any user change his or her mobile number in entire life with this process this process this process will not in his entre mobile changing process in this case you can follow 2nd step which is Physical post base process

How to Change rcm ID Mobile number using sms 

If you want to change your mobile number using sms follow the step 

  • First of all you need a phone (Internet or with out internet phone both are worked)
  • Unlock your phone and open your sms app
  • When phone ask you which number you want to send your message Type this Number – 9910418866
  • Then Type your message 
  • Message is – RCM-space-MOB-space-Your Rcm ID-space-PASSWORD-space-Your New mobile Number
  • That’s it Send this message and whin in a second your mobile number will change successfully 

RCM MOB Your Rcm ID PASSWORD Your New mobile Number

Now If your already change your mobile number with this method in any time then follow this step and this step will resolve this issue 

How to change rcm id mobile number using form

Guys this is not a difficult step don’t worry we are hare to guide you how to you change your rcm id mobile number using this method.

Let’s know why need this step 

  1. If you already change your rcm id mobile number using sms they you can use this method 
  2. If your id got terminated then sms base method will not work 

So if you want to change your mobile number with this method you need a form & follow the down bellow for download this form  

Download Rcm Mobile Number Change Form

When you download this form you need to print this form after print this form fill this form with your authentic data like when we explore the form Follow the step-

  • I.  Enter Your Legal Name (Eg. Amit Tiwari)
  • S/o sh. Enter Your Father Name (Eg. Subham Tiwari)
  • Age. Enter Your Age in Years (Eg. 42)
  • R/o. Enter Your Country Name (Eg. India)
  • Teh. Enter Your Police Station Name (Eg. Kolkata)
  • DIst. Enter Your District Name (Eg. Kolkata)
  • State. Enter Your State Name (Eg. West Bengal)
  • Direct Seller ID No. Enter Your Rcm ID (Eg. 310521XX)
  • My Mobile Number To. Enter Your Old Mobile Number (Eg. 626373XXXX)
  • Now My New Mobile Number Is. Enter Your New Mobile Number (Eg. 972536XXXX)
  • Then sign your signature in the form 
  • Write current date and place 
  • And the final step add a ID Proof

Thats it gues your work is done now pin up those 2 document and send to the company .

Send this form to rcm

This is very simple process first of all buy a letter envelope and write company address and your address put those 2 document your id proof and rcm mobile number change form then go to your nearest post office or any courier company and send to rcm company .

Rcm business address

Fashion Suitings Pvt. Ltd.

Spl – 6, RCM World, RIICO Growth Centre,

Post – Swaroopganj, Via – Hamirgarh ,

Bhilwara (Rajasthan) – 311025

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