Harit sanjivani fruit special – benefits, price, use, review

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We are going to talk about Harit Sanjivani fruit special, it is very useful for farmers. With this, all problems related to farmer’s fruits are solved. It is an option for farmers to increase the quantity of fruits.  

It is an organic product that helps farmers to increase their yield and earn profits from it. Its use affects every part of the plant and all are fully grown. Let’s get information about this.

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special

India is an agricultural country. More than half of the population here depends on agriculture. We can say that this is one of their main occupation. In this, they sow fruits and many other crops. Sometimes it gives good yield.

Sometimes disappointing results are seen. Many kinds of problems are faced by the farmers, such as lack of development of leaves, loss of flowers or drying out.

This is an Organic Product that contains carefully tested organic ingredients, that trigger ongoing metabolic activities in the plant system. During the physical transformation of the plant, it pulls the natural synthesis from the soil and meets the demand for all the nutrients. 

 For its safety and good yield, Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special has been brought to you by RCM. It is very helpful for crops. Its spraying provides proper nutrition and growth to the leaves and flowers. It is a type of organic product.   

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It draws natural synthesis from the soil to meet the demand of all nutrients. We can use it for mango, pomegranate, moss, lemon, grape, guava, gooseberry, chiku, plum and figs, apple, berries, litchi, pears, cashew, nuts etc. You will get Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special from any pickup center of RCM. Let us now know about its benefits.  

Harit Sanjivani Fruit special Benefits

The farmer sprays any pesticide so that he can prepare a good crop from it and earn a profit. If the crop is good, the farmer will get benefit and if the plants are well cared for, then the fruit will also get good.

To give good growth to the plants, we should spray Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special. Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special also has many benefits which are as follows.

Helps in giving the right shape to the leaves: Harit Sanjivani fruit Special gives the right shape to the leaves of the plants. Along with this, it also grows green fluid in them.  

Reduction of fall of flowers: When we do second spraying in the flowering stage, the flowers become stronger. Their fall is reduced. More and more flowers turn into fruits.

Development of stages of flowering: The development of stages of flowering implies that after its third spraying, the fruit increases in size, brightness as well as in weight.

Boost fruit yield:Fruit yield is boosted only by spraying Harit Sanjivani Fruit special. This helps the fruits to grow naturally.

Benefits to farmers: This is the best benefit. By timely spraying of Harit Sanjivani fruit Special, it gives good growth to the fruits. So that the farmers get profit by selling it.

Enhancing the quality of fruits: Spraying increases the quality of the fruits. They are high in quantity and you can sell them at good prices.

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special Uses

  • Spray Harit Sanjivani fruit special by adding 1to2 grams of 1litre of water.
  • Do the first spraying of Harit Sanjivani fruit Special in the stage of plant growth.
  • Do the second spraying of flowers, when the flowers are blooming.
  • Third spraying should be done during the growth stage of fruits. When the flowers are turning into fruits.

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special can be sprayed with all the pesticides found in market. Remember that at the time of spraying, it is necessary to mix spraymax 85 in 1ml ratio with 1litre of water. It is necessary to do this to get good results. Spray it in the morning or evening only.

You can use it in various fruits which are published below:

Can be used for spraying on commercially important fruit crops such as mango, pomegranate, orange, sweet orange, lemon, grape, guava, amla and sapota. Harit sanjivani fruit Special can also be used on strawberries, figs, save custard, apple, black berry, lychee, pineapple, pear, tamarind, almonds and cashew nuts etc.  

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We had discussed about its benefits, now we will know why we should use it.

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special Need

This question must be coming in everyone’s mind that why should we take Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special. In this context, it would not be wrong to say that when we plant any crop or fruit on a large scale, then we expect to get some benefit from it.

For that, we make a provision of putting various types of pesticides, fertilizers and all other related materials in it. But if the fruits do not yield according to hard work, then the person or farmer becomes frustrated.

Therefore, the most effective way to overcome this frustration is Harit Sanjivani fruit Special. As we have read, this makes the leaves bigger and reduces the fall of flowers and more and more flowers turn into fruits. It also increases the size of the fruits, their weight etc. It is completely organic.

Harit Sanjivani fruit special review

This experiment has been done on apple plants by people. As a result of this, they say that after spraying it, the size of their apple has increased. According to their hope they have got fruits and benefits.

After this it is also used on others. All the farmers should use it so that the yield can be increased.

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special Prices  

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special MRP: Rs. 1200

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special DP: Rs. 900

Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special BV: 675 BV


Finally, we can say that Harit Sanjivani fruit serves as a boon for fruits. It plays a complete role in the development of leaves to fruits. In this, the farmer also gets benefits. The good yield also increases prices. For this we should use Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special.  

FAQ related with Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special

Q.1. In Which fruits we can use Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special?

You can use Harit Sanjivani Fruit special on Lemon, Apple, Mango, Amla, Lychee, Fig, Pineapple, Cashew etc. It helps in increasing their yield. 

Q.2. How much Quantity of Doses of Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special?

You can spray it by mixing 1or2 grams in 1litre of water. Add spraymax 1ml to it as well. For best results, do it in the morning or evening.

Q.3. What are the major benefits of Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special?

Harit Sanjivani Fruit special has many benefits. It reduces the fall of flowers. This gives the right size to the leaves. It increases the size of the fruits and their natural colour as well as their weight.

  • It helps in the growth of green vegetation.
  • It helps in making flowers better.
  • Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special helps in better shape of fruit.
  • Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special helps in natural colour development of fruits.
  • This helps in increasing the quality and quantity of fruits.
  • This helps to increase the market value of the fruit.
  • This produces an organic flavour in fruits.
  • Harit Sanjivani Fruit Special increases fruit yield.

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