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Harit Sanjivani is a great product, how it works, how can we use it in our daily life and what are its benefits. Rcm Harit Sanjivani is a very profitable and virtuous Rcm Business product that acts like a panacea for its farmer brothers.  

Friends, as you know, India is an agricultural country that supplies food to its country as well as to other countries. Farmer is a form of food provider for our country which is able to satisfy the stomach hunger of anyone. 

Earlier, there was not much emphasis on farming but after 1950, Green Revolution started in many countries including India. If we want to give something to our coming generation, then you can give them the gift of agriculture. And this is possible only when you do agriculture correctly and use Rcm Harit Sanjivani in the fields.

Harit Sanivani Details

You must have heard the name of the country Israel, it is at the forefront of agriculture, although they have only 20 percent irrigation land, but they themselves supply 95 percent of the food for their country. 60 percent of Israels land has been turned into a desert.

The people there put soil in the thermocol box and plant crops, this Rcm Harit Sanjivanis principle of agriculture has also been taken from there. At the same time, the conditions for agriculture are not so favourable, the weather is cold but still Israel gets first place in agriculture every time.

India has 40 million acres of irrigation land. It produces 250 types of crops in 6 types of seasons. India produces 250 million tonnes of crop every year.

If we look at the figures of last year, India alone has produced about 291.95 million tonnes of crops, which is much higher than any country and this figure keeps increasing every year. Therefore, India is also called agricultural country.

Now you will know that when agriculture is done, the farmer uses pesticides to increase the yield and to protect his crop from many kinds of harmful organisms so that it can get good crop yield. Now a days, there are many types of pesticides available in the market, using which you can grow your crops, but there are many pesticides, which are having harmful effects and they also reduce the fertile capacity of the land. Today the condition of the farmer has become so bad. They say that agriculture is no longer a business worth for their livelihood.

 But agriculture is the only option that can be done by deep thinking and India has an agricultural tradition which has been going on for many centuries. Now we have to save this tradition. If we are an agricultural country and import crops from other countries then it is a matter of deep concern.

Rcm Harit Sanjivani Activities

In order to save your crops and increase their yield, Rcm Business has brought Rcm Harit Sanjivani, a kind of Israeli inspired 4-way treatment. Crops require the necessary nutrients for their growth like: –  

Potassium, magnesium, boron, manganese, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus etc. Rcm Harit Sanjivani is able to provide all the nutrients to the crops. It is a mixture of these nutrients that have been mixed in the right amount. If anything or things is taken in proper quantity then it gives good effect.

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Harit Sanjivani Logo Download

Harit Sanjivanis Benefits

Now we will talk that if you bring this Harit Sanjivani box today, then what do you get to see in it and how much quantity do we get? Let us know: –

  • First of all, you will find 4 packets in the box of Rcm Harit Sanjivani, which will have 1,2,3,4 digits marked on them and will have some information written on them.
  • Along with this you will also see a paper on which you will get to see how you can use this Harit Sanjivani on which crop.
  • Harit Sanjivanis every one packet is designed for almost 1-acre land accordingly. Which weighs 350 grams.  
  • For the 4 stages of the plant, it has 4 packets, which have to be given at different stages. The weight of each packet is 350, 750 grams respectively.
  • This quantity has been decided according to the needs of different plants in different states. Use the entire quantity according to one acre. If there is half an acre of land, then half a packet is to be used, half will work for the next crop.
  • If there is two acres of land, then two Rcm Harit Sanjivani (750 grams) packets will be used.

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How does Harit Sanjivani work? 

Harit Sanjivani provides complete nutrition to the plants from birth to their old age. Let us know how this Rcm Harit Sanjivani works. It works on three stages of the plant; it works as follows: –

1. Germination

This stage comes when you have planted the plant in the ground. Now the plant needs nutrients, which will help it to grow. So now Rcm Harit Sanjivani helps the plant in it.  

2. Vegetation

This is the stage when the plant sprouts and enters its childhood. Now it will be able to see the growth of leaves so that it can make its own food. Now for this it will require more energy which Rcm Harit Sanjivani will provide. At the same time, it will also increase the metabolic activity of the plant so that its digestive activity is accelerated. 

3. Reproduction

Now the plant reaches its puberty stage. When the flower will grow in it. So that later this flower can turn into fruit and seed can also be formed. So now, Harit Sanjivani helps the plant to grow more flowers so that it can produce more.

4. Ripening

In this stage the plant has completed the process of reproduction, now the process of fruit development starts in it. Now the plant wants to give more and more nutritious to fruits and due to this its leaves start shrinking. Click below to watch the video. 

Rcm Harit Sanjivani is used to reduce the deficiency of respiratory and food loss in the plant. This was the work of Rcm Harit Sanjivani that you read how this helps the plant in its 4 essential stages.

Rcm Harit Sanjeevani Using Method

Now we will know the complete method of using Harit Sanjivani. We will give complete information about its 4 packets, when which packet to use and what are its benefits, lets know: –


You should take packet number 1 of this Harit Sanjivani and mix it to urea or other fertilizer, sand or 30 to 40 kg dry soil and spray it in the field. This method is applicable for one-acre farm. You can also apply it in your fields with the help of drip irrigation.

Now it has some things to note: –

  • After spraying Rcm Harit Sanjivani, you must irrigate the water. Because Harit Sanjeevani will effect only when it comes in contact with water and dissolves in the ground.  
  • You have to use it within 30 days of planting the seed, after which you do not use it. Because after 30 days the seed will start turning into a plant.
  • Do not put it directly in the fields, use it in the fields only by mixing manure, urea or soil or by drip irrigation.

We will talk about the benefits of packet number 1 of Harit Sanjivani which is as follows: –

  • For any seed to thrive, it is necessary to have roots from which it grows as a plant by absorbing nutrients from the earth. Harit Sanjivani helps in growing the roots of the plant and also provides the necessary nutrients.
  • Rcm Harit Sanjivani maintains the PH level of the ground and reduces the amount of salt in the ground so that the plant gets fertile soil.
  • This makes the soil friable, so that the roots of the plant do not have to struggle much to get into the ground.
  • It also makes the insoluble element of manure or urea well soluble in the soil.


This Rcm Harit Sanjivani packet number 2 has a powder-like mixture that you have to spray in the field with the help of water. You have to dissolve 1 gram of powder in 1 litre of water. The amount of this packet is 100 grams, that means you can dissolve it in 100 litres of water. You can also use it by mixing it in a pesticide.  

It does not dissolve easily in the beginning and freezes on the top surface, so mix it well so that it mixes up properly. Now put it in the pump and spray it on the whole plants.

Now it also has some things to note: –

  1. First you wash the pump thoroughly and then use this Harit Sanjivani solution in it.
  2. You can also do this by mixing it with pesticide, but remember that the pesticide should not be alkaline. 
  3. You can find out that, all you have to do is to get a pinch of powder into the pesticide. If the powder does not mix, then it is an alkaline insecticide.
  4. You have to use the solution of Rcm Harit Sanjivani packet number 2 before 11 am or after 5 pm. Because at this time there is a significant amount of moisture in the ground from which this Harit Sanjivani functions well.
  5. Give proper amount of water after spraying it. Be careful not to spray it on a rainy day, there is no chance of rain for at least 4 hours.

Rcm Harit Sanjivani Packet 2 Result

  • Packet number 2 of this Harit Sanjivani is used during childhood of plant, when it is growing leaves.
  • Due to arginine amino acid present in Harit Sanjivani, it increases the growth of leaves.
  • The growth of leaves increases their size and they participate in more and more photosynthesis and the plant looks more green.
  • It removes the lack of water in the plant and the plant lives in adverse conditions.

So friends, these were some advantages about this Rcm Harit Sanjivani packet number 2, now we will talk about its packet number 3 which is as follows: –

Packet -3 

Its use is also like packet number 2 of Harit Sanjivani. The volume of this packet is 150 grams. Which you can spray by dissolving in 150 litres of water.

It has same things to note like in packet number 2.

  1. It helps in the growth of flowers in the plant.
  2. You can earn more crop by developing flowers in this stage.
  3. It provides proper amount of nutrients to the plant.

Packet – 4

The method of using this packet is the same as packet number 2 and 3. You have to mix 250 grams of this powder with pesticide or water and spray it on the whole plants.

Things to note in this packet, you can see from packet number 2 and 3. Now we will talk about the benefits of packet number 4 of Harit Sanjivani which is as follows: – 

  • When the fruit begins to grow in the plant, the plant tries to provide a head diet to the fruit by stopping its growth.
  • Due to which the leaves start to fall and the plant starts to weaken, and also suffers from many types of diseases.
  • The juices do not flow well in the plant, so the above fruits are less developed as compare to the fruits which are below.
  • Hence Rcm Harit Sanjivani prevents the leaves from falling. And increases dietary production.  
  • A chemical called cysteine, found in Rcm Harit Sanjivani, produces higher fruit.
  • The fruits are of same size from bottom to top.

Rcm Harit Sanjivani Benefits

Now we will talk about the benefits of Harit Sanjivani. The soft soil and soil fertility should be good for agriculture in the land. Humus content should be high in the soil. But due to over farming, there is a shortage of humus in the fields.

For which the cow dung is used in the fields because the most humus is found in it. Up to 4 trolleys of cow dung is needed for an acre of land, if farmers of the entire country start using cow dung manure in the fields, then only 35 percent of the farmland will be able to take advantage of it.

Thats why Rcm Business has brought Rcm Harit Sanjivani, whose packet of 150 has the same quantity of humus as in 4 trolley cow dung manure. It is made with sentry technology, so that it does not cause any harmful effects in the ground. Now let us look at some important points which are as follows: – 

  • This Rcm Harit Sanjivani is made entirely of natural elements.
  • Because of which it has no harmful effect.
  • You can use it to increase the level of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • With the use of Harit Sanjivani, the farmer can earn many types of benefits. He can earn more crop by minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • The effect of the first packet of Rcm Harit Sanjivani starts within 25 to 30 days and the essence of the second and third packets is seen within 3 to 10 days.   
  • It softens the land, eliminates its hardness and makes the land more fertile.
  • It also increases crop yield. With which the farmer can get the desired price in the market.

Rcm Harit Sanjivani Results

  • This product is not a pesticide or compost. It is a type of formula which increase the strength of pesticide and compost by mixing them with this formula.
  • When using Harit Sanjivani, use pesticides properly or use them only when it is necessary.
  • There are 4 stages in plants life. Therefore, keeping this in mind, 4 different packets have been produced, which are to be used when the plant is at different stages.
  • Use Rcm Harit Sanjivani regularly in every stage of the plant.
  • Do not use the product more or less. Use 1 gram of powder in 1 litre of water, use the same for all others. If you use more powder then the leaves may start to fade.
  • But do not panic, after two days the leaves will return to their old condition.
  • When you use the first packet, then definitely give water in the ground. And it is necessary to have moisture in the ground at the time of packet 2,3 and 4. If the land is dry then irrigate it well.
  • When using packet number 2,3 and 4, the ground should be full of moisture as it increases the appetite of the plant, which causes the leaves to work more.
  • If the amount of water in the ground is less than the leaves will dry up and the whole plant may also dry up.
  • But you do not have to panic and immediately irrigate the fields with water, after that your plants will start blooming again.
  • Different plants have different conditions at different times. Therefore, in the box, the stages of different plants have been made in a table and you can use Rcm Harit Sanjivani by reading it.


Here are some important things to note about Harit Sanjivani. You can use this product to contribute towards preserving our traditional heritage and lay the foundation for the future of golden India to come. This was the complete information about Rcm Harit Sanjivani. We hope you get the most out of this information.  

If you have received any benefit from this information given by us, then definitely share it with your relatives and friends and they should also use this quality beneficial product called Rcm Harit Sanjivani.

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