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Today we are going to discuss one of the best product of Rcm which is Nutricharge. In this we discuss about Nutricharge S5. Nutricharge S5  is also another product from Nutricharge.  It is a kind of capsule which makes our body acquainted with the properties of medicines. 

In this article we covered Ingridients,benefits, composition,Dosage. Some of  side effects ,review or dosage of Nutricharge S5 also be discussed. These days we know that the human is quite busy in their works .Due to work load or some other reasons they lost their immunity and gift yourself illness disease.

In this whole world everyone is battling with one or the other disease.  Some of these diseases are caused to our body due to this reason because we are not able to bear the effect of changing weather or our body is not ready to live in the environment due to it.  Due to which we get any kind of flu and other infectious diseases quickly.

For this, we take many types of medicines, which save us for some time or remove them.  One such medicine has also been prepared by Nutricharge, whose name is Nutricharge S5.

Nutricharge S5

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, every person wants to get more profit in less time.  He wants to keep up with the times.  According to this time, he keeps on influencing his eating habits as well.  He starts taking such substances, which fills his stomach and fulfills all the nutritional deficiencies.  But at such times he invites more and more diseases in his body.

Human health is affected by the changing climate.  Due to this, a person gets cold, fever and many other types of allergies.  All these affect human beings when they are not strong internally.  By internal strength, it is taken to mean the immunity of our body.

This immunity protects us from diseases coming in our body.  Nutricharge S5 is a type of medicine that increases our immunity and protects us from diseases caused by changing weather.  Nutricharge S5 is not easily available in the market, you can get it from RCM Pickup Centre.

Nutricharge s5 is a health supplement, which is promoted by RCM Direct Selling Company and its direct sellers.  Nutricharge 55 is a multivitamin containing medicine, which is completely herbal and vegetarian.  It is also used to meet the deficiency of essential bodily nutrients.  Mainly it is used naturally in the treatment of all symptoms like heart disorders, bone related problems, kidney disorders, skin disorders, liver disorders, respiratory disorders, digestive disorders etc.

Nutricharge S5 Ingredients

Nutricharge S5 is a type of medicine.  Which helps in increasing the immunity of the body.  It is made up of five types of medicines.  Its description is as follows.

Kalonji – 200mg Kalonji has been mixed in this.  In WHO, it has been described as a type of medicine.  We find mention of this in the Quran and the Bible as well.  It is also good for the digestive system and respiratory system.

Everyone is familiar with the properties of Tulsi-Tulsi.  Along with worshiping it, it is also used as medicine.  Three types of basil have been used in this.  The quantity of Tulsi has been kept 150 mg in it.

Neem -Neem is being used in Ayurveda for many years.  It has antibacterial and antidiabetic properties.  Its quantity has been kept at 100mg.

Aloe Vera – Aloe vera contains elements that are very beneficial for the skin.  It is also very good for digestion.  Its quantity has been kept at 50mg.

Mint – Mint is anti-gas and anti-inflammatory.  The chutney made from it also increases appetite.  Its quantity has been kept at 10mg.

Thus we learned about the ingredients present in Nutricharge S5.  Let us now get some information about its benefits as well.

Nutricharge S5 Benefits

Nutricharge S5 is one such product which provides us with the benefits of five different medicines.  Along with the prevention of diseases of our body, these benefits also perform other functions.  Their description is as follows.

Helpful in increasing the body’s immunity : All the elements found in Nutricharge S5 increase the immunity power of humans.  Which prevents diseases.

Maintaining the beauty of the face : In today’s youth, many problems are found regarding the face.  Aloe vera found in Nutricharge S5 keeps the face beautiful as well as removes the problem of acne.

Removal of thinness and weakness : If you have any kind of weakness in your body, then you can overcome it by taking Nutricharge S5.

Prevention of flu, bacteria and viruses : In today’s era, the risk of getting flu is high.  Any disease can be caused by any virus.  All these elements help us to protect them.

For gas and digestive problems : Many times there is a problem of gas due to eating indigestion.  It also causes vomiting, poor digestion and restlessness.  Nutricharge S5 contains carbohydrates, fats, etc. elements in mint, which improve digestion.

Helpful in the purification of blood: Five medicines have been found in Nutricharge S5, which are also helpful in purifying the blood and in its flow.

Relief from heart and liver related diseases : By consuming basil and aloe vera, neem etc., a person also gets rid of diseases related to heart and liver.

Relieves Respiratory Problems : Many times humans have to face shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing while walking.  To avoid this, Nutricharge S5 should be taken.

Eliminating premature aging : The fennel found in Nutricharge S5 does not prevent premature aging.  The body’s immunity remains intact.

Anti-inflammatory : Peppermint found in Nutricharge S5 has anti-inflammatory and reducing ability.

Prevention of Diabetes : Neem and Kalonji found in Nutricharge S5 also help in reducing diabetes.

Controlling Weight: Tulsi found in Nutricharge S5 keeps our weight under control.  You become beautiful and attractive.

Helpful in removing kidney stones: Neem has many types of properties, one of its properties is that it is also used in removing kidney stones.

Anti – aging Vitamins C and A , phytonutrients , in Holy Basil are great antioxidants and protect the skin from almost all the damages caused by free radicals .  Treats Kidney Stones Tulsi acts a mild diuretic & detoxifying agent which helps in lowering the uric acid levels in the body.  Acetic acid present in holy basil helps in the breakdown of the stones.

Relieves Headaches Tulsi is a natural headache reliever which can also relieve migraine pain.  Fights Acne Holy basil helps kill bacteria and infections .  The primary active compound of holy basil oil is eugenol which helps fight skin related disorders.  Ocimum Sanctum helps treat skin infections both internally and externally.

Relives Fever Tulsi is an age  – old ingredient for treating fever .  It is one of the prime ingredients in the formulation of various ayurvedic medicines & home remedies Eye Health Tulsi’s anti-inflammatory properties help promote eye health by preventing viral, bacterial and fungal infections.  It also soothes eye inflammation and reduces stress.  Oral Health Tulsi is a natural mouth freshener and an oral disinfectant.  Ocimum Sanctum can also cure mouth ulcers.  Holy basil destroys the bacteria.

–  Helps in increasing immunity by strengthening immunity.

–  Useful in the treatment of diabetes due to its antidiabetic properties.

– Effective in relieving respiratory symptoms. 

– Beneficial in the diagnosis of stomach related problems by strengthening the digestive system.

– Helps in enhancing physical beauty.

– To normalize the heartbeat by correcting blood circulation.

– In removing the deficiency of mineral salts.  • In increasing the eye capacity.

– In transmitting new energy.  – Helpful in removing the problems of bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.

– Useful in providing better reproductive system. 

– In the diagnosis of all stomach related symptoms like indigestion, constipation, gas, acidity etc.  In protecting against allergies and infections. 

Thus it has been seen that Nutricharge S5 has many benefits.  By consuming it, we can imbibe these benefits in our body.

Nutricharge S5 Dosage

Nutricharge S5 is a type of medicine.  This dispenser comes with a kind of moisture proof packaging.  In this we get capsules of 30 full course for one  month.Which you easily accomplish.

You can take this capsule after a meal with water.  If you have some more problem then you can take it both in morning and evening after having food.  People under the age of 18 are not advised to take it.  When your problem starts working to some extent then you start taking a single capsule. Now you can add In your daily health supplements.

We learned about the consumption of Nutricharge S5.  Let us now know about its and side effects structure.

Nutricharge S5 Side effects

This medicine is completely made from herbal ingredients, which have more health supporting symptoms than the opposite symptoms.  Generally no side effects have been observed with this medicine, but there may be slight changes in physical condition.  If you are allergic to any one of the five ingredients present in it, avoid its consumption.  Otherwise, side effects like nausea, stomach pain, vomiting can be seen.  Take it in low dosage in the beginning, so that the chances of side effects are further reduced.

Otherwise there are no other  side effects of taking Nutricharge S5.  It is worth noting that people under the age of 18 should not take it.

Nutricharge S5 Composition

As we have already known that it is a type of capsule.  It is made from a mixture of Kalonji, Basil, Neem, Aloe Vera and Mint etc.  The quantity of all these has been kept appropriate.  By consuming them, we get the properties of medicines to prevent disease.Here we know that this Nutricharge S5 health supplement is best for our health we can take it .

Ingredients      :                         Dimensions  Kalonji 

Tulsi                    :                         150mg                                              

Neem                 :                          100mg

Aloevera           :                          25mg       

Mint                    :                          10 mg      

Nutricharge S5 Review

In this review, we saw that by taking Nutricharge S5, we get rid of liver related problems as well as it gives a glow to our lifeless face.  It also purifies digestion and blood.  By getting rid of leanness by its consumption, it also increases the immunity of the body.Review is the best part of whole article through this we know how people feels when they consume it or how their body reacts.

With its regular use, we can remove diseases and also make the body disease free.All over it’s a good product by Nutrichrge which is available in just 432 rupees.

Nutricharge S5 Price

 Nutricharge S5 MRP : Rs.  432

 Nutricharge S5 DP : Rs.  340

 Nutricharge S5 BV  : 260 BV

You can easily buy Nutricharge S5. It’s available on your near Rcm Pickup Centre.


In the end we can say that Nutricharge S5 is a type of medicine or a health supplement  which strengthens the body’s power to fight diseases.  By using them daily, along with making our skin glow, it also gets rid of respiratory diseases.

It’s a mixture of 5 herbs which are the best in her own way.Now you understand that what is Nutricharge SE and the benefits or some side effects.We hope you like the information we gave you and you can share this  with others.

FAQ Related With Nutricharge S5

Q.1. What is Nutricharge S5?

Nutricharge S5 is a type of medicine.  It is made up of five medicines.  These medicines are kalonji, basil, neem, aloe vera and mint.  All these medicines, apart from increasing the body’s immunity, eliminate any kind of thinness or weakness in us.

Q.2 Is Nutricharge S5  good for health?

Nutricharge S5 is good for our health.  The medicines found in it give our body the power to fight diseases.  Also, it does not have any disadvantages.  It also cures digestive and cardiovascular diseases.

Q.3 What are the side effects of Nutricharge S5?

If seen, there is no disadvantage of Nutricharge S5.  It is to be noted that children below 18 years of age should not take it.

Q.4 How we can take Nutricharge S5 ?

The easiest way is to get Nutricharge S5.  You can take one capsule with water after meal.

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