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Good Dot Achari Tikka, in India there will be a few people who would not have heard the name of Rcm Business Company. There will be only a few of them who do not use its products. But those who know about it are well aware of the purity of its products and their benefits.

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Today we will talk about Good Dot Achari Tikka, a product made in Good Dot Company by Rcm Business, and know what it is. What are its benefits? What is found in it?

Good Dot Achari Tikka 

It tastes completely like meat. But it is not non veg. It is a vegetarian Achari Tikka made entirely by Good Dot. It contains plenty of nutrients which is beneficial for our health. It does not contain cholesterol at all. It is full of protein.

Apart from this, you get iron, potassium, calcium along with energy, sodium and carbohydrates etc. These all are essential for the body. In fact, only Good Dot manufactures these types of products all over the world, which is full of nutrients. It is also beneficial for our health. You can find it at the pickup centres of Rcm Business.

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Good Dot Achari Tikka Ingredients

Good Dot Achari Tikka has abundant nutrients. It is as follows:

Soya Flour: Achari Tikka is made by finely grinding soybeans. It is a good source of protein. It is added to any substance to increase its nutrition.  

Pea Protein: It consists of both yellow and green peas. This is used to increase protein intake in the diet. It is also helpful in fitness.

Wheat Glutein: Wheat glutein is a type of food that is made from glutin. It also provides protein.

Soya Protein Isolate: It is also made from soybeans. It is directed for the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, foods.

Sago flour: Sago flour gives strength to bones, it also gives energy.

Barley flour: Barley flour helpful in reducing weight and increasing immunity.

Wheat flour: Along with being a source of iron, wheat flour also provides calcium and vitamins.

Corn flour: It is maize flour. It also provides protein with fibre. Along with this, it also contains Vitamin B.

Tapioca starch: Tapioca starch is made from roots of tapioca cassava tree and sometimes it is made from the pulp of the trunk of palm tree. It is like sweet potato, which has white pulp inside it. It is called starch.

Potato starch: It is extracted from potatoes. Potatoes have to be crushed to obtain starch. It is beneficial for your skin.  

Baking powder: It is a fine white powder. It is used as a yeast. It has many benefits.

Dry ginger powder: Dried ginger powder which along with taste also reduces the sugar level of blood.

Citric acid: It is a type of acid found in lemons, oranges and citrus. It is a natural conservation. It also softens the water.

Nigella Seeds: It’s nigella. It is also used as a spice. It is beneficial for hair and skin.

Fenugreek leaf: Fenugreek leaf keeps your digestion and heart healthy. It also removes anaemia.  

Nutmeg: Nutmeg helps in curing mouth blisters. It is helpful in curing facial spots.

Black Cardamom: It is used as a spice. It is also called big cardamom.

Asafoetida food: It is asafoetida. It is used since ancient times to solve stomach related problems.

Carom seeds: It is celery. It is used in keeping food healthy. It used in Indian food.

Black pepper seeds: It is black pepper and we use it as a spice.

Cumin seeds: This is cumin which is commonly used. It is also used as a spice.

Mint: Mint along with its chutney, it is also prominent in nutrition. It is also helpful in digestion.

Salt: Salt, without which no food or any food item can be imagined.

Fenugreek Seed: Fenugreek seeds also works like its leaves.

Fennel Seeds: It’s anise. It calms the wind and bile. Along with increasing the appetite, it is also helpful in digestion.

Corriander Seeds: Coriander is put in the food and It improves digestion as well as reduces diabetes.

Garlic Powder: Garlic Powder is used to enhance the taste.

Dehydrated Onion Powder: Onion powder is also used in food.

Red Chilli Powder: It is useless to imagine eating food without red chillies or chillies powder. It gives a different taste to the food.

Apart from this, flavour enhancer, Rice Brain oil and spices and condiments have been added.

Good Dot Achari Tikka Benefits

There are benefits of eating any product. Achari Tikka’s main benefits are as follow.

Protein deficiency – Good Dot Achari Tikka has been found in plenty of protein. This protein fulfills the deficiency of protein in the body.

Strengthening muscles – If a person has good muscle health, he can do every task easily. He feels strong. Good Dot Achari Tikka also strengthens our muscles.

Controlling cholesterol – Good Dot Achari Tikka does not contain cholesterol at all. Consumption of cholesterol also keeps it under control.

Keeping blood sugar levels stable – Blood sugar levels are required to be stable. Their rise causes diabetes. Good Dot Achari Tikka also keeps the sugar level of the blood fine by having fiber.

Help in getting out of toxins from the body – There are many types of toxins in the body that cause damage to our body. To get rid of toxins, we should consume Good Dot Achari Tikka.

Good Dot Achari Tikka Recipe

This comes in a type of air tight packing. Cut it with a knife or scissor and put it into a microwave pot. Now flatten it in the microwave on high heat for 2 to 3 minutes. Take it out and eat. It is full of flavour.

It has been used by many people. According to them it is delicious. With this, you do not have to work too hard to make it. It is ready in 2 to 3 minutes and also tastes exactly like non veg or meat. You should also use it.

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Good Dot Achari Tikka Price

Good Dot Achari Tikka Price MRP: Rs. 181

Good Dot Achari Tikka Price DP: Rs. 145

Good Dot Achari Tikka Price BV: 87 BV


In the end, it can be said that it is very beneficial for those people who cannot eat meat. It comes in an air tight packaging. After opening it, you can use it by keeping it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. It is completely vegetarian.

FAQ related with Good Dot Achari Tikka

Q.1. Is Good Dot Achari Tikka Vegetarian?

It is completely vegetarian. In this you get plenty of carbohydrates and protein. Along with this, your body also gets the benefits of many nutrients.

Q.2. What are the benefits of Good Dot Achari Tikka?

There are many benefits to taking Good Dot Achari Tikka. It gives energy to our body, reduces cholesterol, along with this, it also keeps the blood sugar level right. It is a good source of protein.

Q.3. What is the recipe of Good Dot Achari Tikka?

Cut it with scissors and fill it in a pot and cook it in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes. Now take it out and eat after it gets cool down a bit. It’s tasty.

Q.4. What are the main ingredients in Good Dot Achary Tikka?

Good Dot Achari Tikka has added soya flour, pea flour, sago flour and ginger, garlic, onion and many other spices and nutrients.

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