7 Best benefits of Rcm amla candy

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Do you find rcm amla candy benefits ?

Here I am Bapon sharing with you full benefits, Ingredients, price and more. After much research I found amla candy good for our health. After reading this article I am fully confident your quarry will be solved.

Before knowing the benefits, I think we have to be aware of some facts about these products & ingredients.

What is rcm amla candy?

rcm amla candy
rcm amla candy

This is candy with a variety of flavours like an amla. There is a special thing about this product that people of any age, be it children or old people, can consume it and take advantage of its taste. You will get many vitamins and minerals which will provide energy to your body. Vitamin C is found in plenty in Rcm amla candy, which helps in maintaining immunity of our body. 

Nowadays everyone is engaged in increasing their immunity and they are consuming vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables. Keeping this in mind, Rcm has launched this product. We should also consume vitamin C regularly and you will get it only from those things which are sour in taste like orange lemon, amla seasonality etc. Now you cannot consume these fruits all the time so, RCM has found a solution called RCM Amla Candy, it is full of Vitamin C, which will never let you get Vitamin C deficiency.

You can eat it anywhere and give it to additional people too, because its taste is such that people will ask for it, themselves from you.

Let us know which components are found in this Rcm amla candy from which it is prepared


rcm amla candy ingredients
rcm amla candy ingredients

Rcm manufactures its products using only natural materials, which makes the products more effective and efficient. Lets know about some ingredients used in this Amla candy –

  • Amla : We all know that Amla has a different role in Ayurveda. It finishes digestive diseases from our body and also removes irritation and sensation. In summer it keeps the body cool.
  • Sugar : It is used in enhancing the taste. However, glucose is also found in sugar which provides energy to our body.
  • Glucose : Glucose is a component of sugar, it is found in excessive sugar.
  • Salt and some spices : According to taste, some spices are also used to enhance its taste.

To enhance its taste, it has used spicy spices like black pepper, asafoetida, chilli etc. This removes the digestion related problem.

As far as I know, I already told you every important aspect till now. Now let’s discuss amla candy benefits.

Rcm Amla Candy Benefits

Rcm amla candy benefits video by JayRcm

let us look at some of its special benefits which are as follows –

  1. Increases immunity. When you consume this candy, you will get vitamin C which increases our immunity, which helps the body in fighting many diseases.
  2. Strengthens the digestive system. Amla emits acid like the acids made in the body, which helps in digesting food. So, when you have indigestion, you can take Amla or this candy.
  3. Prevention of skin diseases. Amla prevents many types of skin diseases like pimples, allergies etc. It contains plenty of antioxidants which removes our dead cells and brings up new cells and makes the skin shinier and clean.
  4. Beneficial for hair. You already know how important hair is for everyone, but many times people do not pay attention to them and lose their hairs. Vitamin C is essential for hair.
  5. Maintains body temperature. Consuming this candy in summer will give you relief, it removes excess heat from the body and keeps the body cool.
  6. Rcm Amla Candy prevents respiratory related diseases, cholesterol, urinary infection, cold, cough, various infections, headaches, chest infection, heat stroke in summer, haemorrhage, acidity and more dangerous diseases. This RCM product will relieve you from these dangerous diseases.
  7. You should consume 7-8 pieces or 5-10g of it in a day. It will not have any side effects on your body, it is clinically tested. You can eat this anytime in the day. (This is not our claim, take your own risk.)

Note : Due to sugar in it, diabetic patients will have to avoid it

Storage Method 

amla candy

When you open the packet, fill it in an airtight container so that it does not come in contact with air and keep it in a dry place or else it may get spoiled by coming in contact with water from the atmosphere. Once you open the packet, finish it within 1 month.

Before I finish my word, let’s understand how this candy is manufactured and what is the best price.

Manufacturing process

This product is very cleanly and neatly made by Rcm in a high-quality factory and is used only when it is successfully tested and the product meets all the criteria.

First of all, the best amla of the country are selected and then they are differentiated according to their size and then, good size amla are taken.

Now those are cleaned and ready for further processing. Now those are poured into boiling water. After boiling, its bruises are broken into pieces, after which sugar is added in the proper amount and boiled again.

After some time, the sugar dissolves well and becomes in a state of liquidity. Now these amla are kept in this sugar solution for about 2 to 3 days, later absorb the sugar well within themselves. 

Now separated from the remaining water of sugar and dry powder of sugar, salt and spices is added to it and it is put to dry in the sun. 

Now after drying it is filled in 200 gm packets and it is delivered to the Rcm Pickup Centre, from where you can get this newly fresh rcm amla candy.


Before disclosing the pricing note one thing. This is not a common chocolate. This candy fulfils all nutrition parameters and it’s tested like a real amla. The price of this candy has been kept very thoughtfully for every Indian capable of purchasing. Prices may change from time to time. We will try to share with you the original price. This price taken from rcm products price list app.

Rcm Amla Candy887042
Rcm amla candy price table
rcm price list app
rcm price list app

Final Word

In this article every word comes from research. As of my promise i think i delivered you a quality knowledge about rcm amla candy. We do not force you to purchase this product. I am a leader of rcm business so my word may be positive so before purchase take your own research.

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