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Today we will talk about Rcm Chawal (Rcm Rice), we will know how rice plays an important role in our lives and also, we will know about Rcm Chawal Benefits or Rcm Rice Benefits.

There is hardly anyone who does not eat rice. Rice is the staple food of entire South India, Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam etc. In the remaining areas, rice is also eaten. Rice has been used as a food in India since ancient times.

Rice is cooked and eaten, in addition, a variety of sweets and dishes like dosa, idli, peetha, cheela etc. are also made. To fulfil these basic needs of the people, Rcm has presented Rcm Riceto you in the market. Now we also know some important things about rice, how it came into our life and how it has become so famous.

About Rice or Chawal

Rice is a type of grain. Rice seeds are called rice. The age of the paddy plant is three to four months. It is a straight, small, grassy plant. Its stem is 60–120 cm long, fibrous root, leafy, round and yellow in colour.

Its leaves are straight, 30–60 cm long and 6-8 mm wide or highly flattened, lined and rough. Its flowers are 8–12 mm long in bunches. Its earrings are 7.5–12.5 cm long, single or 2–7 in bunches, often tilted downwards, green and bright golden yellow when ripe.

Paddy is the only green or ripe grey coloured fruit like grass. The rice is extracted after refining it. Their grains are white in colour, which is called rice. In most places in India, paddy crop is done once a year and, in some places, even two or three times a year. Apart from rice, there are many other products of paddy like Chuda or Poha, Lava etc.

Nutrients in Rcm Rice 

Rcm chawal consists of many types of nutrients that meet our daily needs. Now let us know which nutrients we get in it. 

If you cook rice without salt, you will get the following nutrients per 100 grams: –

Energy:You will get 130 kcal of energy in it, which is enough for you.

Carbohydrate: By consuming Rcm chawal (Rcm rice) you will get 28.1 grams of carbohydrate.

Sugar: You will get up to 0.5 grams of sugar. If you are a diabetic patient, then you should abstain from rice.

Fibres: Its volume is 0.4 grams. Fibres are important for you. It helps to make a blood clot if an injury occurs on any part of the body.

Fat: IAA fat content is 0.28 grams.

Protein: Protein is a very essential nutrient for our body which helps in making our body, it makes our muscles and bones.

Iron: You will get 0.2 grams of iron in rice. This prevents you from suffering from anaemia disease.

Calcium: Its quantity is 10 mg in rice, which is responsible for building and strengthening bones.

Magnesium: This is 12 mg in Rcm chawal (Rcm Rice).

Phosphorus: You will get 43 mg of phosphorus.

Potassium: You will get 35 mg, which is very important for you.

Sodium: Its quantity is 1 mg in rice.

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So, it was something important nutrients that you will get by consuming Rcm Chawal (Rcm Rice). Now we will know in what form you will get Rcm chawal (Rcm rice) and also, we will know the price of Rcm Rice.

Types of Rice (Rcm Rice)

We will talk about Rcm chawal (Rcm Rice), it will be made available to you in three different types. You can buy it as per your convenience and take advantage of delicious and rich rice.

Dhruvam Basmati Rice & Price

This is the first type of Rcm chawal (Rcm Rice) that people eat very keenly. Talking about its price, so the price of this Rcm dhruvam basmati Rice Price has been fixed at only 150 rupees and it will be available in a packing of 1 kg. For your information, with this you will get 35 business volumes which will increase your Rcm business more quickly.

Dhruvam Basmati Classic Rice & Price

After this now comes Rcm dhruvam basmati classic Rice which is very tasty. Talk about the Rcm dhruvam basmati classic Rice price, its price has been fixed at only 510 rupees and it will be available in a packing of 5 kilograms with you will get a profit of around 119 business volume on buying it. You can get it from your nearest Rcm Pick Up Centre.

Dhruvam Sona Masoori Rice & Price

The price of this Rcm dhruvam Sona masoori Rice has been fixed at just Rs 690 and it will be provided to you in a packing of 10 kg and you will get a profit of 156 business volume by purchasing this Rcm chawal (Rcm rice). It is a new product.

So, it was Rcm Chawal types. Let’s take a look at the Rcm Chawal Benefits, exactly to know what we have in this Rcm Chawal.

Rcm Rice benefits

According to Ayurveda, rice is a good medicine and many diseases are treated with the use of rice. Rice contains carbohydrates, vitamin B manganese, phosphorus, iron, fiber, fatty acids.

 Rice has the ability to get immediate energy, stabilize blood sugar and slow down the aging process. There are many benefits of eating rice. It gives strength to the body and enhances urine by reinforcing semen. It corrects the tone of the throat.   

 Rice is the best among all cereals, and is the pacifier and caller of the diseases. Apart from the above qualities, it increases appetite and makes the heart healthy. It is beneficial for the eyes. It ends fever and thirst due to fever. It eliminates heartburn, cough and burning sensation.   

  1. It is very painful if there are worms in the stomach. This problem is most common in children but there can be bugs in the intestine of the elders as well. These insects are of about 20 Toast rice and soak them in water overnight and filter it in the morning and drink that water to kill all kinds of stomach worms.
  2. Taking cooked rice with buttermilk provides relief in heat,excessive thirst, nausea and diarrhoea.
  3. Piles is mainly caused by an upset stomach. Due to poor digestion of food and hotness of stomach, haemorrhoids disease is promoted. Consuming Rcm chawal (Rcm Rice) is beneficial in bloody piles.
  4. Jaundice occurs due to liver problems. The use of Rcm chawal (Rcm Rice) in daily diet keeps the liver healthy and cures jaundice.
  5. Rice is very beneficial in problems of urination and burning sensation in urination.
  6. Rice is also able to reduce excessive bleeding during menstruation.
  7. Put grass in the place of broken bone, mix rice flour with ghee and apply it on the broken bone. This helps in fixing the broken bones.
  8. Rcm Chawal (Rcm Rice) contains Phenolic compounds and anti-Inflamatry properties which help to relieve irritation and redness of the skin.
  9. Grinding rice is beneficial to cure pimples and balding. Erases facial freckles because rice contains antioxidants. Soaking rice in water and washing the face with that water will eliminate facial wrinkles and freckles.
  10. The body becomes hot because of blood in bile and the blood bile comes out from the nose,anus and urethra, etc. It can be overcome by regular intake of rice.

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So, these were Rcm chawal benefits (Rcm Rice Benefits) Now we will talk about some of the damage of Rice and who should not consume it.

Disadvantages of Rice or Chawal

  • Stones and diabetes patients should not eat rice. Although rice controls the level of sugar in the blood but diabetic patients should consume only a limited amount of rice. They should eat only red or brown rice.
  • Diabetes patients should not eat white rice at all.
  • Eating rice provides adequate nutrition to the body and hence it aids in controlling obesity, but its high intake can also increase obesity.


So, this was the complete information about rice, we hope you have benefited from this information. That’s why you must share this with your friends and family and change the common rice and start consuming this Rcm Rice.

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