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Health Guard Oil, as you know it is the most effective oil to eat. But today we will discuss, why should we eat Rcm Health Guard Oil, and what can be its benefits in our body and what are the benefits and disadvantages of eating market oil, so lets know about it.

Lets know, what should be present in the food oil. According to the World Health Organization, it is very important to have PUFA (polyunsaturated), MUFA (monounsaturated), antioxidant and SFA in an oil. That oil can be chosen to eat. It means that these things are very important to be present in a food oil.

Market oil

In market oil, SFA, PUFA and MUFA are found but in the name of antioxidant, just tocopherol is present in them and the scale of PUFA, MUFA and SFA is not found properly designed. Due to these absence in food oil, our body can suffer a lot and we can become a victim of disease.

Rcm health guard oil

  • If we talk about Rcm Health Guard Oil then we will be able to know that the scale of SFA, PUFA and MUFA in Rcms Health Guard Rice Bran Oil is found in the right amount and make it available to us. Because of which it does not harm our body.  
  • The biggest thing is that Rcm s Health Guard Rice Bran Oil has received 4 awards from the government. Health Guard Oil is full of unique properties that enhance our taste and quality as well as our health. Today many people are getting their health benefits through Rcm.

Side effects of market Oil

  • Eating market oil can harm your body and you may become a victim of various types of diseases. Because the market oil is having more and more Trans Fatty Acid due to which today every single person in India has a problem of gas and various types of diseases.
  • If it comes to a survey about India about 8% diabetes patient are found here. So, from this you can guess that today so many of our countrymen are facing this disease. So, lets come to know what could be the reason behind this.
  • If we find the reason behind this disease, then only one reasonable reason can be seen is our food and drink. We are not able to maintain our food and drink in a correct manner due to which our body is not getting necessary nutrients because of which our body is prone to disease.

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Rcm health guard rice bran oil benefits

  • Health Guard Oil It is not just an ordinary oil but is nectar. Which acts like a lifesaving body in our body. With the use of this oil, our body becomes a disease-free body so that no disease can touch our body.
  • The use of this oil of Rcm Health Guard oil does not show any remote relation to diseases. By adopting this oil, the nectar forms in our body. Due to which our body starts blooming in a way and our body gets a different energy.
  • Just as we all take care of each other at home, we take care of everyone in the family, similarly this oil of Rcm Rice Bran Health Guard Oil takes care of our body, health and family properly. Today, many households in India are enjoying their life with great benefits by adopting Rcm Health Guard Oil.
  • This Rcm Rice Bran Oil oil is full of unique properties that improve our strength and health of our body, as well as make our food delicious in a very good way and elevate the quality of our diet to a very high level, which makes our food more nutritious.
  • Many of you may be thinking that this product is from Rcm Business, so only those can get this product who had joined the RCM Business and to get this product we need to join RCM business. But there is no need to worry about it.
  • You can also make full use of it without joining Rcm Business. Now in India, you will get any item of your use from any Rcm shop in your area. Many families are taking advantage of this in their lives by joining Rcm Business and some without joining also.

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Rcm health guard oil basic benefits

Modern refining technology is used to make RC M Health Guard Oil, in which no acid and caustic is used, hence it retaining the anti-oxidant and pharmaceutical properties found in this Rcm Health Guard Oil. So, this is the appropriate method.

  • Rice bran oil increases the efficiency of insulin, so it is the best oil for sugar diabetics.
  • Physically refined rice bran oil prevents the reduction of calcium density.
  • Help to increase immunity and metabolism.
  • Help in reducing cancer and cardiovascular diseases, help in cataracts help in reducing the effects of aging.
  • Maintaining blood pressure.
  • Does not allow obesity (prevents increasing fat).
  • Helps in avoiding heart attack and lowers the cholesterol level.
  • Gives good taste to eat.
  • Help in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Helps in liver function, helps in menstrual cycle in women.
  • Heart disease prevention.
  • Helps in joint pain.
  • Protects the lever.
  • Helpful in gas, acidity, ulcers etc.
  • Cures many stomach diseases.
  • Prevents intestinal diseases, helps women in menopausal problems.
  • Helps reducing itching and increase skin glow.

Rcm rice bran health guard oil ingredients 

Vitamin E is also found in this oil, it is the best oil for heart attack, which increases the good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol, this oil is not trans-fat. Rice bran oil is the only compostable oil prepared from the brown oily layer of rice and it is known as rice bran oil.


It helps in increasing metabolism process in our body. It works in cancer and cardiovascular diseases and helps in cataracts in our body. It is suitable in reducing the aging effects in humans.


It helps us to maintain healthy cholesterol in our body and reduce dirty cholesterol. Affects the deposition that occurs in the internal walls of our arteries. Protects pulse system. It is beneficial in cancer and tumour diseases. It is very powerful 


It is very beneficial in reducing cholesterol in our body. It helps in reducing high blood pressure in the body and helps in liver function. Improves bone mineral density. It helps to prevent aging by lightening our skin.

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Rcm rice bran oil composition 

  • Rcm s Health Guard Oil is manufactured by a complete 100% physically refined process. Caustic or no acid has been used in making it. Due to this process, the antioxidant and drug properties found in this oil are not damaged.
  • By keeping save all the elements found in this oil only the reason that, this oil is highly effective and is preferred by many people. Due to the formation of this process, this oil is very tasty and gives a different taste in food. It is the most suitable edible oil. 
  • This oil is very beneficial and helps us in avoiding many diseases. Being 100% pure, many people got their desired oil because it gives very nutritious and rich taste in food. It is a panacea for curing diseases.
  • What difference does it make to your food by using this oil, you will get an idea of ​​it in the first time and from the first day you will definitely feel a change in yourself. If you have consumed this oil well for 1-2 months, then we claim that you cannot quit using this oil.
  • This oil (Health Guard Rice Bran Oil) is very beneficial in eating. It is very tasty to eat due to which it is considered to be a favourite oil. In view of these characteristics of RCM Health Guard Rice Bran Oil, it has become a very famous and used oil in millions of homes today.

Rcm rice bran oil review

If anything is important in our life today, it is our health, if health is right, wealth is right and wealth is right, life is right. So, we need to pay more attention to our health, and our food has the greatest effect on our health, what we eat throughout the day, it decides our health. The quality of food has a direct effect on our body.

But in todays time, it is very difficult to maintain the quality of food, the biggest reason for this is that everything we eat in the market is fake and maybe this is where, we get cheated on. We should use the right quality spices and oil to eat which will give us nutrition as well as with good taste. We all know that the oil is such an important part of our food, without it, we probably do not possible to cook, but also in our minds the question arises: Which oil is right for our bodies and health, so keeping this in mind RCM has brought a great product in its excellent products range. 

This Health Guard Rice Bran Oil is rich in unique properties that enhance our health as well as enhance the taste and quality of our food, today the distribution of this oil has reached record levels, millions of people through Rcm Business taking health benefits by adopting this oil.

  1. The first benefit that you will get from eating this Health Guard Rice Bran oil is gas. Today, gas is the biggest health problem in every family in India. Eating gas medicine also damages your body. Therefore, by consuming this oil, your gas disease will be eradicated gradually.
  2. It also helps in controlling disease like diabetes as well.
  3. Also corrects blood pressure and keeps it under control.
  4. Very good oil for the heart.
  5. The problem of clotting in the blood is also benefited with this oil.
  6. Makes the muscles strong.
  7. Eases the troubles of menopause.
  8. It is very beneficial in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol in the body.
  9. Provides help in controlling high blood pressure.
  10. Helps in preventing skin diseases and greatly benefits in reducing the effects of increasing age.

Rcm rice bran oil awards

  • Honoured with the National Award for Research and Development in the year 2007 by Mr. Manmohan Singh (former Prime Minister). 
  • Award for outstanding entrepreneurship and special recognition was conferred on 28 August 2009 by Shri Dinsha Patel (Former Union Minister of State).
  • Honoured with National Award on 31 August 2010 for commendable efforts by Honourable Mrs. Pratibha Patil (Former President).
  • Awarded National Award for Technology in the year 2010 by Dr. A. P.J. Abdul Kalam (Former President).
  • Dr. K. K. Talwar, Director of P.G.I Chandigarh (Heart Specialist) advised people to eat rice bran oil on World Heart Day.
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences has also recommended Health Guard Rice Bran oil to eat.

Rcm rice bran oil price

1 litre Rcm Health Guard Oil = Rs. 150

5 litres = Rs. 660

15 litres = Rs. 1980


The main properties of RCM Health Guard Rice Bran Oil are such that it is tasty to eat and the food made in it is be less oily and while making food in it, there is less smoke. In this oil, we can make all kinds of sweets which are also very tasty to eat and also healthy.

Rcm Health Guard Oil is very important for our body, we should include this oil in our food so that our health remains good. Hope you got the complete information about RCM Health Guard Rice Bran oil. Share this article with your friends and family and also advise them to eat RCM Health Guard Oil. 

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